I am writing today to intimate you of a commitment I am making to mainstream some great ideas with the hope that we can together cause Nigeria to move forward in a very positive, solid, salutary, profound and urgent manner. This is with the belief that as a country and a people, we are not where we are supposed to be and there is a need to immediately instigate a turnaround. Nigeria, despite tremendous opportunities and its famed resources, keeps hitting the global radar for all the wrong reasons lately; producing the highest numbers of extremely poor people in the world, the highest numbers of out-of-school children, the highest numbers of infant and maternal mortality among other infamous laurels.  The clear evidences stare us in the face daily.


The serial and perennial mismanagement of our socio-economy since independence has also led to a situation where the nation has cavorted into serious security crisis, religious and ethnic flareups, and unnecessary accident-proneness, costing precious human lives in the hundreds and thousands. These are the symptoms of mis-governance, subpar leadership and consistent lack of energy and imagination over the years. I am standing in the gap today to say that as from the year 2019, Nigeria will never remain the same again, and for good.


I have hereby put some of my thoughts together in the attached brochure. I am presenting out-of-the-box ideas, fresh perspectives, and sometimes surprising angles pertaining to our challenges, and I am offering solutions – workable, sometimes simple solutions borne out of a vision; solutions that you and I can work on and show that we can solve our own problems. For I am challenging many of our long-held ideas and accepted wisdom, from a philosophical perspective borne out of years of deep-thinking and a great many write-ups about the subject of our underdevelopment and what we can do about it. In this regards, I have written 6 books and thousands of painstaking articles, and shown leadership in the business space and beyond.


I am therefore asking for your kind assistance today, to enable me put myself forward to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is not another selfish, self-adulating quest, but one stemming from an acute sense of sacrifice and a clear determination that Nigeria’s time has come. It is a solemn quest with ever knowledge of the fact that this is not a child’s play, a walk-in-the-park, a platform to show off, or some hunger for photo-opportunities.


I have never been known to be preposterous, self-seeking or vain, but to be passionate about humanity and to have a keen sense of social justice.


I believe that together, we can achieve a secure nation; a nation where everyone contributes to progress daily, where our diversity becomes our strength, where our dignity and influence soars in the comity of nations, and where the legitimate rich will be even richer and enjoy their wealth in peace and tranquility, where the middle class expands and feels safe, secure, happy and patriotic, and where we can lift at least 50million out of extreme poverty in the next four years as we activate the pursuit of happiness for all Nigerians.


I believe that no matter what happens, Nigeria will certainly not be the same again by the next general elections. Nigeria will transform, change and RENEW for good, and in a sustainable manner.


I call my quest for the Presidency a REVOLUTION OF IDEAS. It is a positive intellectual revolution, powered by hard work, vision, a connection to modernity, brain-power, and integrity. I believe strongly that these forces are stronger than the forces of violence and poverty-politics (stomach infrastructure). For one, we will seek to end the vicious and expanding circle of poverty that is emasculating our dear nation, Nigeria and ramming us back into the infamous dark ages.


If you believe any, some or all of the ideas espoused in the attached brochure makes sense, I urge you to Kindly contribute to this dream through the following accounts:


Account name:         TOPE KOLADE FASUA 2019


UBA PLC ACCOUNT NO                          –        1021337382


STERLING BANK ACCOUNT NO.           –        0068729364


GT BANK ACCOUNT NO.                         –        0421054265


Please note that all expenses will be accounted for very transparently. Kindly donate generously to this noble cause for God and country.

I assure you will be proud of what we shall achieve.

Yours sincerely

Tope Fasua

2019 Presidential Aspirant