When the entire world overtakes your country, and you cannot compare, even with the worst, what you need, is a revolution.


When your nation is unable to ensure peace, progress and prosperity for its people, in spite of its human and material riches, what you need, is a revolution.


When a people get slaughtered, butchered, kidnapped and are distraught across the length and breath of a nation, what you need, is a revolution.


When a people turn against themselves, and become enemies because of tribal and religious differences, which are realities they cannot change, and we become a nation of adversaries, and the government looks on, and politicians and their friends feed fat on it, what we need, is a revolution


When you have 15million children on the streets daily, rather than in school, and the next 100 years of a nation is already jeopardized as a result of the sustenance of a terrible policy, what you need, is a revolution.


When your nation, in spite of human and material resources, and a rich land, gifts to the world, the highest sheer number of extremely poor people, what you need, is a revolution.


When poverty and hunger rules a land where they should be distant from, what you need, is a revolution.


When your leaders show the utmost levels of profligacy that shocks the world, and the commonwealth of the people is deployed in harassing and oppressing them, what you need, is nothing but a revolution


When political leaders and top administrators of a country refuse to use the services they produce, but would rather dip hands into taxpayers’ money to fund a Byzantine lifestyle, what you need, is nothing but a revolution


When generations unborn are indebted because we ate their tomorrow today, what we need, is a revolution


When corruption and waste becomes the second and third names of our nation, what we need, is a revolution


When a once-proud people have become laughing stock in the eyes of the world, what you need, is a revolution


When young strapping boys and men become objects of derision, called lazy, dehydrate to death while crossing the Sahara for greener pasture, become food for fish in the Mediterranean, and are hounded as fraudsters and drug dealers from South Africa to Malaysia, for the fact that they are misguided and unguided, what you need, is a revolution.


When our beautiful ladies struggle to escape a life of poverty, and become prostitutes on the streets of Italy, Greece, Libya and elsewhere, and have become slaves in many parts of the world, working for pittances, what you need, in a revolution.


When we have thousands of kilometers of potholes and cavities in the name of express roads, all over the country, and infrastructure is totally neglected, what you need, is a revolution.


When a nation that should set the pace, itself becomes directionless, rudderless and without inspiration, what you need, is a revolution


When we cannot even harness the prowess, energy and passion of our youth, in sports and other vocation, and have lost even the grounds we held decades ago, while other nations like Jamaica powered on, what you need, is a revolution.


When your civil service is small, toxic, corrupt, top-heavy and ineffectual, and your government feels more comfortable maintaining the privileges of the few elites rather than fixing the manning levels of public services by employing the millions of youths, what you need, is a revolution


When your environment becomes polluted, neglected and the whole nation is littered with polytene, non-biodegradable and electronic waste because the leaders cannot be bothered, what you need, is a revolution.


When majority of your people live in slums and shanties, in environments unfit for human existence, because no government has made any plans for affordable mass housing at the level that can transform and regenerate our villages and cities, and there is no focus on sanitation at all, what you need, is a revolution.


When your policemen turn to kidnappers and extortionists, forcibly withdrawing money from people’s accounts at the ATMs, or even accepting transfers for bribes, what you need, is a revolution


When our villages and small towns are all but neglected with no government presence whatsoever – no schools, no hospitals, no environmental works, nothing at all, and we watch the inhabitants shrink and die early, when they dont escape into the city, what you need, is a revolution


When a whole nation cannot boast of two working MRI magnetic resonance imaging machine in its public hospitals, or when only one radiotherapy machine works in a whole nation of 180million people, and people die prematurely daily because of our greed, what you need is a revolution.


When fellow citizens have no choice but to go on national TV to beg the world for money for the treatment of diseases that the state should ordinarily help them take care of, what you need, is a revolution.


When your nation budgets $25billion for 180million people, and Angola, a country next door with same economic structure, budgets $56billion in the same year for 25million people, what you need, is a revolution


When South Africa budgets $155billion in a year for its 58million people, and your leaders insist, that your economy is still the largest in Africa, what you need, is a revolution.


When you remember how good like can be but it isn’t because of mental blocks in high places, when you remember that the problem on hand is part lack of imagination and small mindedness, part unbridled greed and failure of elite consensus, part sheer wickedness and poverty mentality, by which leaders across all fronts don’t see that even their own lives will be better if all were allowed to make progress, what you need, is a revolution


I am not ‘running’ for President. This is not about me. I intend to lead this revolution… a revolution of ideas because we have no guns and no money, no clout, no influence and no connections in high places but our innocence connects to the divine. Our intellectual, implementation revolution is like water, it may be soft, but given concentration, perseverance and time, it has the power to erode rocks and shift mountains. Ours is a REVOLUTION OF IDEAS… we say we are here with out-of-the-box thinking, to challenge the ways Nigeria has been carrying on for decades; ways which have not augured well for the nation and our people. We believe we can achieve a much better Nigeria. We believe that our humanity can be elevated. We believe that the poor, weak and unhealthy can rise up and become contented, healthy and strong. We believe that the middle class can step into their rightful place and be proud citizens of the world. We believe that the legitimate rich amongst us can be even richer, but those who seek to continue the gutting of Nigeria should not be afforded the opportunity to continue to ride roughshod on a great nation.


A revolution doesn’t have to be about carrying arms against the state. We are not violent people. Again we have no arms and ammunition that destroy others. No. What we have are arsenals of the mind and intellect. This is stronger than forces of destruction. What we have is brain power; the power to imagine a new Nigeria and implement policies that upgrade the humanity of our people. We are a serious-minded people. We are not here to deceive and loot. We are here because past promises have failed and we cannot keep failing.  We say enough is enough already! The time to turn the bend is now!

My name is Tope Kolade Fasua, and I hereby declare and offer to lead the REVOLUTION of Ideas; an intellectual REVOLUTION, a positive REVOLUTION,  a non-violent REVOLUTION, a REVOLUTION not of rhetoric and empty promises but of ACTION and ENERGY, that will make Nigeria great, peaceful, equitable, prosperous, proud, innovative, sustainable, starting from May 29, 2019 under the auspices of our great party, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP.


I thank you for believing in what the Almighty can achieve through a regular, ordinary, poor citizen like me.